Sustainable urban development in Western Finland

Sustainable urban development is part of the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021−2027 programme. The central government has concluded 16 ecosystem agreements with university cities and cities home to university consortia. These cities will carry out sustainable urban development based on the agreements. National operations will be carried out under the heading Innovative cities and communities (or Innocities for short).

The agreements link innovation policy to urban development policy and innovation-based growth. In Western Finland, agreements have been concluded with the cities of Jyväskylä, Pori, Seinäjoki, Tampere and Vaasa. While the activities will be run by these central cities, their impacts will benefit the entire district.

Close cooperation with companies, higher education institutions, research institutions and public bodies play a key role in the implementation of the ecosystem agreements. Cities serve as development platforms for innovations and new business opportunities that promote low-carbon, resource-smart solutions, as well as digitalisation and technological transitions. The goal is to provide globally significant competence and knowledge.

The cities themselves choose the measures to be funded. Regional councils work as partners in the implementation of ecosystem agreements and assess the projects’ compliance with the programme and their eligibility for funding.


Strategic priorities: Exercise, health promotion, wellbeing and industry renewal
Intermediate authority: Regional Council of Central Finland


Strategic priorities: Technology metals, the circular economy, automation and robotics 
Intermediate authority: Regional Council of Satakunta


Strategic priorities: Sustainable renewal of the food ecosystem and smart industry renewal
Intermediate authority: Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia


Strategic priorities: Sustainable industry X (SIX), buildings, energy and infrastructure, digital health solutions
Intermediate authority: Council of Tampere Region


Strategic priorities: Sustainable and smart energy systems
Intermediate authority: Regional Council of Ostrobothnia