Coordination project for social innovations

TL 5. A Finland of social innovations focuses on the innovative development of child welfare. Special objective 5.h. A total of EUR 4 million has been reserved for funding the national coordination project for "Safety nets for the future of young people”  + EUR 26 million for regions. The national coordination project supports regional pilot projects with the following shared strategic objectives and priorities:

  • reducing the number of children placed in care aged from 13 to 17 years with high-quality and effective child welfare support measures, working methods and services that meet the everyday needs of children and families.
  • supporting the entire family, and particularly parenthood, in situations involving taking a child into care, both during and at the conclusion of the situation as well as in other transitions to strengthen the interactive relationships and functional capacity of the family and to make sure no one is left alone.
  • renewing after-care services to provide multidisciplinary support for adulthood so that all young people will have the capacity to cope independently and progress towards education and working life in line with their goals.
  • developing and renewing systematic cooperation between substitute care in child welfare services and other service systems to enable the service system to respond to mental health and substance abuse problems of children in substitute care effectively and in the long term.
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Elina Palola
social counsellor
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
tel. +358 29 516 3595
Susanna Hoikkala
ministerial adviser
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health
tel. +358 29 516 3482
Iida Partanen
finance specialist
ELY Centre for Häme
tel. +358 295 025 241

Coordination project on Social innovations in child welfare (SOILA)

Tanja Hirschovits-Gerz
project manager
National Institute for Health and Welfare
tel. +358 29 524 7954
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