The Helsinki-Uusimaa programme aims for an ecologically sustainable, financially responsible and socially just region

​​​​​The Helsinki-Uusimaa regional programme includes the region’s development priorities and measures, as well as its vision for 2030. The programme has been drawn up for the period 2022–2025.​​

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Vision and priorities of the Helsinki-Uusimaa programme

Compared to other Finnish regions, Helsinki-Uusimaa is a front runner by many measures. Our regional programme aims to further strengthen this role and put us well ahead of others in the future.

Our vision – “well ahead” – also means we carry our responsibility for mitigating climate change and promote wellbeing by reducing inequality.

In 2030, Helsinki-Uusimaa will be well ahead in:

  • Climate change mitigation. We aim to be a carbon neutral region by 2030.
  • Economic competitiveness. Our goal is to increase Helsinki-Uusimaa’s research and development expenditure to 5 per cent of the region’s GDP.
  • Wellbeing. We aim to achieve an employment rate of 80 per cent in Helsinki-Uusimaa by the end of 2030.

Resource wisdom is at the core of the Helsinki-Uusimaa smart specialisation strategy

The Helsinki-Uusimaa smart specialisation strategy boosts the region’s sustainable growth and channels funding for it. The strategy’s core idea – a resource-wise Uusimaa – means using various resources in deliberate and proactive ways to promote wellbeing and sustainable development.

The resource-wise Uusimaa brand is an umbrella theme for the strengths that research and innovation activities in Helsinki-Uusimaa focus on. By focusing on these strengths, we can get more out of research and innovation efforts.

The international brand of the strategy is called Helsinki Smart Region.

The overarching theme of resource wisdom covers three strategic priorities:

  • Climate neutrality 
  • Industrial modernisation and innovative services
  • Citizens’ city 

Smart specialisation supports the Helsinki-Uusimaa regional programme.

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Outi Ervasti
Development Manager
Helsinki-Uusimaa Regional Council
tel. +358 40 721 213