Creative and cultural innovation expertise

The aim of the Creative and cultural innovation expertise theme is closer cooperation with business life, educational institutions and research actors, to ensure that the renewal of competence meets the rapidly changing competence needs arising from the change in the business and working world’s and the operating environment. The national coordination project facilitates mutual cooperation between projects in the same theme, implements communications and compiles and disseminates best practices.

The theme’s funding will be used to implement pilot and development projects that will strengthen creative sectors and the creative economy as a diversifier of the economic structure and strengthen arts and cultural competence. The implementation of pilot and development projects will take cross-cutting global changes in the operating environment, such as digitalisation, development of the data economy, climate change and demographic changes into account. Changes in the operating environment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic will also be taken into account.

The objective of the Creative sectors and creative economy as diversifiers of the industrial structure section is to strengthen business competence in the creative sectors, in areas such as marketing, sales, product and service development, digital competence, IPR competence, management, internationalisation and procurement competence as well as the competence of immigrants. The aim is to strengthen joint multidisciplinary operating models for creative competence in the creative and other fields.

The aim of Strengthening competence in the arts and cultural sector is to develop competence in producing new arts and cultural services, such as digital services and services that are in line with sustainable development and services that take different population groups into account. The aim is to strengthen the competence of organisers and producers of arts and cultural services also in the development of the quality, effectiveness and availability of services, and to improve customer understanding, equal participation, marketing and communication as well as the strengthening of well-being and vitality.



Minna Taipale
finance specialist
ELY Centre for Häme
tel. +358 295 025 106 
Kirsi Kaunisharju 
cultural affairs counsellor
Ministry of Education and Culture
tel. +358 295 330 144
Petra Tarjanne
ministerial adviser
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
tel. +358 295 063 691


Creative net coordination project

Sofia-Charlotta Kakko
senior specialist
Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)
tel. +358 295 330 912