Working life of immigrants in Finland: work, skills and inclusion

Working life of immigrants in Finland: work, skills and inclusion national theme in the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021−2027 programme comprises four content areas:

  1. working life participation of parents who have cared for children at home for a long time,
  2. supporting foreign-language clients in their transition to working life and in working life,
  3. supporting foreign-language clients in basic services and
  4. linguistic support for foreign-language speakers.

The coordination and partnership project prepares project application rounds for four content areas. In addition, the coordination and partnership project supports projects in productising, embedding and communicating their results. The principles of the Partnership programme to promote integration, openness, inclusiveness, a knowledge-based approach and impact, are embedded in regional work. Events and training are organised locally and regionally. The impact of activities will be increased through cooperation and partnership. The participation of immigrants is promoted by trying out models in which immigrants take part in the planning, implementation and evaluation of services. The opportunities of various actors, such as organisations, to participate in the development and implementation of the stages of the integration process will be improved through partnership.

Development work is carried out on the basis of the partnership principle with funding from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health.

The intermediary body for the theme is the Häme ELY Centre, which is responsible for the implementation of project applications, the activation of applicants, the selection of projects, for monitoring and for communication related to the theme.

Separate application rounds will be organised for the theme, which will allow project applications to be submitted through the EURA2021 system. The theme corresponds to priority area 4 of the programme: A Finland that promotes employment and competence (ESF+) objectives.



Auli Vuorela
finance specialist
ELY Centre for Häme
tel. +358 295 021 264
Susanna Piepponen
senior specialist
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment
tel. +358 50 396 1120
[email protected]
As a partner in integration coordination project
Ilona Korhonen
project manager
tel. +358 50 327 4175
Veera Väisänen
coordinator / competence
tel. +358 50 329 5921
Ritva Mertaniemi
coordinator / competence
tel. +358 50 395 5089
Lotta Savolainen
coordinator / employment
tel. +358 295 029 094
Lauren Stevens
project planner
P. +358 50 396 1448
[email protected] 
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