Target scenario 2040  

Vision 2040: Kainuu – an attractive region of positive net migration and year-round tourism 

1. Wellbeing and employment  

•    Turning negative net migration to markedly positive by boosting Kainuu’s attraction and retention rate 
•    Making Kainuu a model region for multilocation and remote work 
•    Securing Kainuu’s independent status 
•    Strengthening the sustainability of Kainuu’s public finances 
•    Boosting the wellbeing of people in Kainuu through preventive work 

2. Business, industry, competence and digital transition 

•    Securing the availability of a competent workforce 
•    New companies, developing and growing companies, sectoral drivers and workplaces   
•    More business investments in Kainuu 
•    Successful digital transition in the private, public and third sectors 
•    Developing the quality of work 
•    Boosting the regional economy’s growth and exports, and strengthening resilience 
•    Increasing the added value in industry and services and improving the productivity of work 
•    Securing the continuity of companies and farms through successful owner changes   
•    Strengthening research, development and innovation activities and competence.   
•    Ensuring a high-quality education path in Kainuu, from early childhood education and care to basic education and to education provided by universities and universities of applied sciences 
•    Increasing the number of working and study age women in Kainuu   
•    Increasing the number of tourists in Kainuu   

3. Green and just transition 

•    Companies operate responsibly and harness the opportunities provided by the green transition 
•    Kainuu strengthens its role as a significant producer of renewable energy 
•    Kainuu remains a nationally significant carbon sink and develops into a notably carbon negative region by 2040, sequestering more carbon than it emits 
•    Kainuu safeguards a good living environment and biodiversity 
•    The economy undergoes a green and just transition, moving from a fossil-based economy to a low-carbon circular economy 

4. Accessibility and regional structure 2040  

•    Building and maintaining region-wide data communication connections in Kainuu 
•    Implementing a green transition in transport 
•    Improving internal and external accessibility in Kainuu   

Priorities of smart specialisation in Kainuu

Theme 1: Increasing research and promoting innovation 
Theme 2: Strengthening and diversifying the specialisation base (2A) Industries: Bioeconomy, mining, metals and technology industry (2B) Knowledge-based service industries 
Theme 3: Connectivity and integration, measures for interregional collaboration 
Theme 4: Digital transition 
Theme 5: Green Deal and green transition 

 Priorities for development

Business, industry, competence and digital transition  
•    Entrepreneurship, business, industry, investments and digital transition 
•    Competent workforce 
•    Education and expertise 
•    Smart specialisation in Kainuu 

Priorities for the development of industries  
•    Tourism 
•    Technology industry 
•    Bioeconomy 
•    Mining 


Accessibility, regional structure and multilocation  

•    Promoting accessibility through new mobility structures and electronic services, as well as infrastructure investments 
•    Ensuring a sustainable regional structure, multilocality and good services to help attract industries and investments 

Green and just transition