New job opportunities by developing jobs

New job opportunities by developing jobs in the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021−2027 programme aims to improve the matching of the labour market and workers and to reduce structural unemployment. The measures focus on promoting the recruitment of persons with disabilities, persons with partial work ability and other people in a weaker position in the labour market.

Exceeding the employment threshold has proved difficult in a situation where a persons need to be attached to the open labour market from a service promoting employment or after they receive the service. The positive attitude of employers and work communities will not automatically translate into recruitment readiness, and prejudices can be an obstacle for recruitment. The aim is to concretely increase job opportunities, improve the capacity of the labour market to take on a diverse range of workers and cooperation between employment services and employers in a workplace-initiated manner or through co-creation with employers. The core of the activities is employer cooperation or a workplace-initiated approach. Developing the competence of the service providers as part of the use of developed and disseminated operating models may be possible in order to develop the quality of the service market.

The theme's project activities comprise development piloting and dissemination of various concrete measures to improve employment through cooperation between the project operator, the service system and employers. The projects can develop and pilot new operating models or services, continue development and promote the extensive introduction of the models. Dissemination measures promote the spread of models nationally as well as to various sectors and workplaces.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment has selected the ELY Centre for South Savo, which is responsible for areas such as the implementation of project applications, the activation of applicants, the selection of projects and monitoring, and communications related to the theme, as the intermediary authority for the theme.

Separate application rounds will be organised for the theme, which will allow project applications to be submitted through the EURA2021 system. The theme corresponds to priority 4 of the programme: A competent and inclusive Finland that provides work (ESF+) objectives.



Tiina Arpola
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ELY Centre for South Savo
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Päivi Haavisto-Vuori
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment