Priorities of development in Lapland 2022–2025

The Lapland agreement (the Lapland regional programme) is a strategic development document that presents an overall view of development and the allocation of funding in the region, as well as a long-term vision for the future.

The Lapland agreement includes the following seven themes as its strategic priorities:
•    Ensuring sustainable growth of the Arctic economy and industry through renewal
•    Dealing with the challenges of demographics and the adequacy of workforce
•    Developing competence to address rapid changes in the operating environment
•    Quality of the living environment, wellbeing and basic services as elements of a good life
•    Climate change mitigation and the safeguarding of biodiversity
•    Good accessibility as an enabler of competitiveness and growth
•    Dynamism of the Sámi culture

Cross-cutting themes include the Arctic element and internationality, green transition and the related Lapland Green Deal, the region’s attractiveness and retention rate, wellbeing and safety, digitalisation, as well as inclusion and equality.