South Savo’s regional strategy

South Savo’s regional strategy specifies the development priorities and their long-term goals up to 2030. The regional strategy’s priorities are forest, food and water. The region enjoys a comparative competitive advantage in these areas in both Finland and Europe. Competent people, companies capable of renewal, a developing operating environment, digitalisation and good accessibility are key factors for growth and dynamism.

South Savo’s vision for 2030 is to be cleanly the best!

With reference to the region’s strategic priorities, the vision describes strong nature values and abundant natural resources, as well as the processes that link the region’s competitiveness to sustainable business and industry, competence and wellbeing.
The regional strategy is built around people – the region’s residents, tourists and people who come to the area for leisure. The goal is to sustainably boost the residents’ income and wellbeing, as well as ensure a smooth daily life in a safe environment rich in natural values.

The following goals have been set for the strategic priorities – forest, food and water:

​​​​​•    Our forests are well managed and sustainably used
•    Our forest competence and business are world-class in many fields of advanced expertise
•    Tourism and wellbeing make forest use more diverse
•    Food chains are specialised and function smoothly
•    Our food competence is a high value-added business
•    Our strong food culture provides us with a competitive advantage
•    South Savo has the world’s cleanest waters
•    Our water competence is an expansive business
•    The Saimaa region is an attractive destination for living and tourism

The regional sets the direction for the region’s development

The South Savo regional programme 2022–2025 contains the goals of development based on the region’s potential, needs and special features, the areas of development key to the region’s development, and other measures essential to achieving the goals. The regional programme was prepared in cooperation by the state authorities, municipalities, higher education and other educational institutions, as well as the communities, residents and companies participating in the region’s development.

The regional programme forms the basis for the implementation of the European Union’s operational programmes and the special programmes of national regional development. It also includes South Savo’s smart specialisation strategy for 2022–2027.

The goals and priorities of South Savo’s regional programme 2022–2025:

•    Healthy and thriving people and a good environment
•    Successful own activities and cooperation
•    Renewed business and industries and RDI activities
•    Good physical and digital accessibility
Further information about South Savo’s regional strategy and regional programme is available on the regional council’s website at