Applying for funding

If you plan to apply for EU regional and structural policy funding, first consider whether the project is best carried out independently or jointly with partners. You should also consider whether you will be operating within a single region or across several regions. Further information about the development priorities of regions in Southern Finland is available in the relevant section.

The funding authorities announce funding application periods and the related themes in the EURA 2021 system. Calls for applications are also announced on the funding authorities’ websites and under Application periods (in Finnish) on this site. The call for application indicates the priorities and specific objectives for which projects are sought. The call for application also indicates the funding authority to which the application is to be addressed. Calls for applications can focus on either regional projects or national themes.

In addition to the programme’s goals, regional projects should also contribute to at least one of the priorities of the relevant regional programme. If the project will be carried out in Southern Finland, applicants must acquaint themselves with the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027 programme, as well as the various regional programmes and their implementation plans.
National thematic programmes are a suitable source of funding if the project’s activities and benefits have a national reach.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline indicated in the call for applications. Applicants must ensure they address their application to the appropriate funding authority. In the event of any uncertainty, do not hesitate to contact the region’s specialists. Their contact information is available on the Contact information page.