Päijät-Häme’s regional strategy 2022–2025

Päijät-Häme’s regional strategy for 2022–2025 sets the region’s common goals for the future. The strategy’s preparation and implementation are joint efforts, involving various participants in the region.

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The regional strategy, compiled for each term of the Regional Assembly, also comprises the regional programme and smart specialisation strategy. Jointly, they lay out the short and medium-term strategic goals for Päijät-Häme, as well as the measures for achieving these goals.

Attractiveness and renewal as the strategic priorities

The regional strategy is defined by the concepts of attractiveness and capacity for renewal. One of Päijät-Häme’s goals is to make the region increasingly attractive. This requires the capacity for renewal. In addition to knowledge and resources, renewal calls for a positive and progressive attitude.  Only through renewal can we attract more residents, companies and visitors to our region.

Derived from the regional strategy, the regional programme follows the strategic priorities, weaving the region’s strengths and opportunities into the whole. The green transition, or emphasis on sustainable development, forms the overarching framework for the programme. The regional programme includes the following measures:

•        An attractive region for newcomers
•        A region with a high retention rate
•        RDI activities and education that boost renewal
•        Collaborative renewal for companies, municipalities and residents
•        Innovative carbon neutral Päijät-Häme 2030

Sport, food and beverages, and manufacturing spearhead smart specialisation
The region also has a smart specialisation strategy. It focuses on the region’s comparative advantages in which we are most competent. The spearheads for specialisation in Päijät-Häme are sport, food and beverages, and manufacturing. The selection of spearheads was based on predefined criteria such as an adequate base of companies, RDI activities and education. The spearheads of smart specialisation must also have growth opportunities and be internationally viable. The principle of sustainability is common to all the spearheads.

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Juha Hertsi
Development Director
Regional Council of Päijät-Häme
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