Communication is an opportunity and obligation in project activities

Why are we communicating?

Communication is a key part of the activities of each project supported by the EU funds. The communication and visibility obligations of the EU apply to all project activities. Beneficiaries of EU funding have a legal obligation to indicate the origin of the funding and to ensure the visibility of EU funding through communication activities.

By means of communication, the project:

  • tells about the EU funding received
  • informs the public and target groups about its activities and the results achieved in the project
  • reaches out to new target groups, involves organisations and people in EU funded project activities
  • shares the operating models, best practices, results and outputs developed in the project for general use

The purpose of communication is to get the project reference groups interested in the project and to involve new actors and people. Communicating can also inform about the results of the project and disseminate best practices. Communication is a prerequisite for the success of the structural fund project.