Continuous Learning

Theme content

The theme strengthens the ability of actors to act in accordance with the objectives of continuous learning and develops new operating models to support the activities. Development in line with national policies and with the objectives of continuous learning will be promoted through strategically targeted projects and experiments. The main focus will be on developing the structures and operating models of education actors. At the same time, networking of actors will be promoted and cooperation strengthened.

For example, projects can develop and utilise learning environments and platforms to support continuous learning, develop workplace-oriented operating models for continuous learning and sector-specific or regional models for (international) student integration into working life.

Cooperation between levels of education and forms of education will be promoted especially in the development of joint educational options for the needs of continuous learning and in the streamlining of transitions. The development of continuous learning skills and learning capabilities will also be promoted, taking into account the extension of compulsory education and the early stages of learning.

The network-like and multiprofessional work of actors will be developed in services for continuous learning and guidance during the applicant's activities, guidance during education, transition phases, etc. Multiprofessional cooperation will be developed specifically for continuous learning processes and actors.

The national themes for Continuous learning and the Working life development complement one another in the development of operating models for the promotion of continuous learning in working life.

Target groups

The target group includes organisations, associations, foundations, municipalities, educational organisations, higher education institutions and research institutes, arts and cultural institutions, developers of working life and services, their staff, and private and public sector employers.

The target groups are employed persons whose competence requires updating or whose retention in working life is to be secured for longer. The target group may also include students, the unemployed and those excluded from the labour force.

Development work is supported by a coordination project that facilitates cooperation between the theme projects, compiles best practices for the use of projects and other actors, and brings together national and regional projects operating in the theme. It also produces information on the results of the theme.

Financial framework estimate: EUR 38.8 million.



Ministry of Education and Culture
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ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia
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Coordination project JOPPI – Continuous Learning
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