What is the EURA 2021 system?

EURA 2021 is a web-based digital management system for funds under the EU’s regional and structural policy (cohesion policy) for the 2021–2027 programme period. The system controls the implementation of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the Eu-ropean Social Fund Plus (ESF+) and the European Just Transition Fund (JTF) in Finland during the 2021–2027 programme period.  All EURA 2021 services intended for project ap-plicants and parties are available at www.eura2021.fi (Link to external website).
The system is used in the management of the granting authorisation and estimated appropriations of the EU cohesion policy’s funds, calls for project applications, funding, payments, monitoring and control, verifications, and audits. The system’s data are used to compile Finland’s reports on the fulfilment of the EU cohesion policy for the European Commission and national needs.

The EURA 2021 system is only used in activities related to projects under the EU cohesion policy’s funds. The EURA 2021 system and its use are defined in act 757/2021 (act on the provision of funding for regional development and the EU cohesion policy’s projects).

All documents required for the management of applications and projects under the EU cohesion policy during the 2021–2027 programme period can only be submitted to and generated and signed legally in electronic format in the EURA 2021 system. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment owns the system and is responsible for steering its development.

The use of the EURA 2021 system requires strong electronic identification through the Suomi.fi e-Identification service of the Digital and Population Data Services Agency and an authorisation to use the EURA 2021 system.

More information about the properties of the EURA 2021 system and instructions on how to get started are available in Finnish in instructions for project applicants and parties  (The document opens in another tab.).