Programme administration

Managing authority and accounting

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment acts as the managing authority in the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027 programme. The managing authority is respon-sible for the management of EU assets in Finland. For example, the managing authority is responsible for ensuring that the programme’s goals are achieved, supporting the monitor-ing committee’s activities, and supervising intermediate bodies. The managing authority’s tasks are defined in more detail in the implementing decree (Link to external website, in Finnish).

In addition, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment acts as the accounting au-thority in the programme. Key tasks of the accounting authority include the preparation of payment requests and their transfer to the European Commission, as well as the prepara-tion of accounts.

Intermediate bodies

According to the general regulation on EU funds (Link to external website), the managing authority can appoint one or more intermediate bodies to carry out tasks under its respon-sibility. 
Finland’s intermediate bodies include 14 regional councils, four Centres for Economic De-velopment, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres), and the Finnish Food Authority. 

Intermediate bodies are also referred to as funding authorities or funding providers. In prac-tice, all activities visible to project parties are carried out by intermediate bodies. For exam-ple, intermediate bodies are responsible for publishing calls for project applications, select-ing projects, making support decisions, and making payment decisions. They also com-municate funding information, monitor projects, and conduct audits.

Regional councils grant support from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Just Transition Fund (JTF) for development projects that promote regional devel-opment, sustainable growth, and vitality and for their investments. Furthermore, regional councils grant support for sustainable urban development projects.

The four participating ELY Centres grant support 

  1. from the ERDF and the JTF for development and investment projects related to cli-mate change mitigation and adaptation, the environment, and natural resources, as well as transport and infrastructure;
  2. from the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) and the JTF for development projects related to supporting employment, competence, and social engagement;
  3. from the ERDF for development measures related to companies’ innovation, growth, or internationalisation, as well as tangible and intangible investments (business sup-port); and
  4. from the ERDF for the development of companies’ operating environments, including the investigations required for business activities, the development of the services required by companies, and the promotion of cooperation and business-networked research.

The Finnish Food Authority grants support from the ESF+ for projects that provide material aid for the most deprived (food aid).

In project-related matters, please start by contacting your region’s regional council or any of the four ELY Centres. Contact details are available on the regional activities page.

Monitoring committee and its secretaries

The Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021–2027 programme’s monitoring committee moni-tors the programme’s fulfilment, impact, and effectiveness. The monitoring committee ap-proves the programme’s selection criteria, the final performance report and assessment plan, as well as any significant changes in the programme. The monitoring committee’s term is the full programme period.The monitorin

g committee works in cooperation with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, which acts as the managing authority. More information about the monitoring committee and its members is available here.

The monitoring committee includes secretaries who carry out the committee’s tasks related to preparations, presentations, and enforcement. 

Auditing authority

The official audit unit operating under the Government Financial Controller’s Function of the Ministry of Finance acts as the programme’s auditing authority, which has operated in this position since 2007. Auditing activities under different EU programmes and funds for the 2021–2027 programme period have been assigned centrally to the auditing authority.