Support for those who are difficult to employ

Activation and rehabilitation services and measures based on the individual's needs are needed to support those who are difficult to employ. The integration of services poses challenges. The range of activation services for the unemployed has been developed, but the services have been decentralised to several different providers and inadequate coordination means that a seamless service chain cannot be provided. As a result, disadvantaged unemployed people often fall between the cracks of different services and measures.

In order to achieve the employment rate target, the participation of those with partial work ability, those who are difficult to employ, young people, older people and people with an immigrant background in the labour market must be increased. Effective measures for the employment of these groups are needed. The greatest potential for raising the employment rate lies in those groups where employment is low due to either unemployment or exclusion from the labour market. In order to achieve the employment target, people must be able to work with the work ability they have and working life must have the capacity to adapt work and provide flexibility for work.

National structural fund activities can be used to increase the integration of services that support employment and work ability as well as increase multidisciplinary cooperation. The development and coordination of services increases the preconditions for the employment of the unemployed, their ability to work and function and their social inclusion.

From the perspective of the labour market, the target group of the activities comprises persons who are most vulnerable, including minorities and special groups whose social inclusion the work aims to promote. The target group also includes providers of multidisciplinary wellbeing, social, health and rehabilitation services and advisory services as well as their management and personnel whose cooperation and competence the work aims to develop.

The theme emphasises the development and integration of social, health, and rehabilitation services and the development of multidisciplinary services so that these are part of employment paths. In addition, the aim is to strengthen competence and to make new operating methods part of operating practices. The aim is to improve the quality and effectiveness of work ability support services and rehabilitation in the service system for those who are difficult to employ.




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