​​​​​Kymenlaakso’s regional programme 2022–2025

Among other things, the Kymenlaakso regional programme 2022–2025 specifies:

  • The vision 2040
  • The long-term strategic plan
  • The key goals for regional development in 2022–2025
  • Measures for reaching the goals

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Kymenlaakso’s priorities for development in 2022–2025

An innovative Kymenlaakso

  • Renewing business and industry
  • Boosting smart specialisation and research, development and innovation activities
  • Promoting competence and education

A sustainable Kymenlaakso

  • Improving regional accessibility and sustainable mobility
  • Promoting an attractive community structure
  • Safeguarding biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources

An active Kymenlaakso

  • Promoting health and wellbeing
  • Preventing inequality
  • Making culture and sport competitive factors

In addition to the renewal of wellbeing, competence, employment and industry, all key to the region’s dynamism, the goal is to mitigate climate change and safeguard biodiversity, in accordance with the Government Programme. Sustainable development and digitalisation are cross-cutting themes in the region. The regional programme describes the implementation of the priorities, based on the conditions in the region.

Smart specialisation promotes innovation, economic growth and internationalisation

Kymenlaakso’s smart specialisation strategy 2.0 implements the regional programme and is based on other strategies and surveys previously carried out in the region.

Kymenlaakso chose the following priorities for its smart specialisation strategy 2021–2025:

  • Smart and green logistics (logistical priority)
  • Renewable materials and energy (bio and circular economy priority)
  • Data economy, cyber security and gamification (digitalisation priority)

> Read more about Kymenlaakso’s smart specialisation strategy (in Finnish)


Anna-Riikka Karhunen
Development Manager
Regional Council of Kymenlaakso
Tel. +358 44 747 8503