EaSi strand

The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme is a policy strand under the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+). It is directly managed and financed by the European Commission. 

Measures funded by the EaSI aim to:

  • support transnational cooperation to exchange good practices and innovative solutions and scaling up innovative solutions. 
  • promote voluntary geographical mobility of workers 
  • increase employment opportunities especially for vulnerable people
  • support the development of social enterprises and the emergence of a market for social investment and to facilitate public-private interaction and the participation of foundations and aid organisations in that market.

More information on funding, calls for applications and invitations to tender is available on the European Commission’s ESF+ website

Funding for international cooperation and the Competence Centre for Social Innovation 
The European Social Fund Agency (ESFA) in Lithuania acts as the Competence Centre for the European Social Innovation Initiative. The task of the Centre is to disseminate information and communications on events and to fund the ESF+’s activities related to international cooperation. In addition, the ESFA maintains a joint database of the Member States with the national competence centres on innovation. 

More information in Finland:
The national contact point for EaSI in Finland advises, guides and communicates about events by email [email protected]