Developing working life

The aim of the national Developing working life theme is productive working life. As a result of the projects, well-being at work and productivity in organisations have been improved, and the capacity of organisations for change has been increased. In addition, professional mobility has increased and more international workers have been employed at Finnish workplaces. Cooperation between business services and working life has been increased to respond to changes.

The projects promote and develop operating methods, digital solutions, production and service processes and opportunities for additional education and retraining. The projects also improve productivity and effective work as well as well-being at work. The aim is also to promote a learning-positive approach and competence at micro enterprises, SMEs and other organisations as well as the retraining of their personnel.

The national Developing working life theme is divided into a coordination project and national projects. A precondition for national projects is that the development of effective practices and the promotion of productivity and well-being at work are combined in project activities. In addition, national projects are expected to cooperate with the coordination project and to use the indicators required by the coordination project to monitor the effectiveness of activities. The aim is to disseminate the good practices created in the projects as far as possible into national activities.

The target group of the projects is companies and organisations as well as the employees and managers working in these in the private, public and third sectors.

The national Developing working life theme collaborates with the national Continuous learning theme and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Development programme for Work and well-being at work (Työ2030). 

The financial framework estimate is EUR 27.7 million. The ELY Centre for North Ostrobothnia acts as the funding authority.


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