Priorities for development – Central Finland

Central Finland will thrive by building a sustainable and competent international region where people do well and feel good. Central Finland’s strategy for 2025 is based on the goal of overall sustainability. 

The priorities of regional development are based on the following four principles of sustainability: 

Fertile ground for growth – economy and renewal

  • We will strengthen our ability to innovate and produce
  • We will become more competent
  • We will promote employment
  • We will make wellbeing of the mind part of regional development

Educating for a sustainable world – the climate and nature

  • We will be a carbon neutral region by 2030
  • We will accelerate the circular economy
  • We will safeguard biodiversity

Where world currents converge – our region and accessibility

  • We will ensure smooth and safe movement in the region, in Finland and to other countries
  • We will foster our digital accessibility
  • We will make space for multi-location work and study
  • We will increase educational and labour migration
  • We will promote wellbeing

Finnish heartland – our identity and partnership

  • We will strengthen our role in national and international networks
  • We will promote inclusion and equality 
  • We will nurture the sense of togetherness, flexibility for change and crisis resilience in our region

Smart specialisation priorities in Central Finland

Central Finland has chosen the circular economy and bioeconomy, industry renewal and wellbeing as its priorities for smart specialisation, spearheading growth. Digitalisation affects all our business operations and business development.

Circular economy and bioeconomy. We keep materials and products in the cycle for a long time and use renewable materials to develop innovations supporting the Earth’s capacity.

Wellbeing. Exercise, learning, nature, culture, collectiveness and disease prevention underpin our commercial services. 

Industry renewal. Our machines repair themselves, our buildings are smart and the materials we design feature unique properties.

Digitalisation affects all our business operations and business development. Cybersecurity is our special asset.