Processing of the application

How does the processing of the application proceed?

Call for project applications and applying

The funding authorities announce the call in the EURA 2021 system. In addition to this, there is information on open call on the website and in the authority's other communication channels. The call for applications defines the priorities of the open call and the other conditions that the application must meet.

The applicant can already contact the funding authority in the planning stage in order to prepare a high-quality application that is in compliance with the programme document. However, the guidance provided by the authority is general by nature as the applicants must be treated fairly.

The applicant submits the application in the EURA 2021 system by the deadline stated in the call for applications. The application becomes pending once it has been submitted to the funding authority in the EURA 2021 system.

Processing of the application

The funding authority evaluates the application and rates it on the basis of the general selection criteria, the selection criteria based on specific objectives and call-specific emphases. Specifications and additional information may be requested for the applications. The representative of the funding authority (the person preparing the decisions) discusses the specifications with the applicant and ensures that the content of the project plan is suitable, the horizontal principles are appropriately paid attention to, the cost estimate for the project is reasonable, the other funders have committed themselves to their contributions, and the cooperation agreements have been drawn up. Opinions on the applications can be requested from other authorities and/or specialists. Applications for regional funding are processed in the regional management committees and the most significant applications are additionally forwarded to the regional management committees for discussion.

The ELY Centres and regional councils process the applications in accordance with their practices. The number of the projects selected depends on the funding available for the call and the quality of the applications received in the call. There may be regional differences in the evaluation process and timetables. The projects funded from national themes and sustainable urban development have separate handling processes. Applicants should familiarise themselves with the information given by the funding authority in their region.

Approving or rejecting the application

When the application has been through all of the above-mentioned stages, the manager of the funding unit approves the funding decision on presentation by the person preparing the decision. The project plan is part of the decision, like the other appendices to the decision. The funding authority can also reject the funding application and issue a negative decision on it.

When the project has been launched, the funding authority invites the beneficiary to an initial meeting, in which they go through the conditions for funding. The funding authority advises and provides guidance in launching the project and in its implementation during the whole project life cycle. If any questions arise during the implementation of the project or something has remained unclear, contact the funding authority in good time.