The Kokkola ecosystem agreement boosts innovation

The City of Kokkola and the state have concluded an ecosystem agreement in line with the theme of sustainable urban development for 2021–2027. Under the agreement, the parties will cooperate to develop innovation ecosystems (that is, close collaboration networks), strengthen regional competence priorities and increase the impact of RDI activities. The state has concluded ecosystem agreements with a total of 16 urban districts.

The strategic priorities of Kokkola’s ecosystem agreement are:
•    Battery chemistry – industrial business renewal and national strategy work related to battery chemistry, strengthening competence and ensuring the raw material basis
•    Circular economy and smart solutions supporting industry – harnessing the existing circular economy competence in the Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) to develop smart solutions for cleantech and industry (automation, robotics, environmental measurements).

In addition to the chosen priorities, the goal is increase the level of competence in the region, as well as support the commitment and integration of international talent in the region. The goals of the agreement are in line with Central Ostrobothnia’s regional programme.