Priorities for development – Pirkanmaa

The Pirkanmaa regional programme includes a smart specialisation strategy for 2022–2025. Pirkanmaa’s priorities for smart specialisation are:

  • Sustainable industry renewal and a controlled sustainability transition
  • Smart and sustainable communities
  • Wellbeing technologies and services 
  • Culture and a digital experience economy

The smart specialisation strategy helps allocate the EU’s research and innovation funding, build international partnerships and strengthen related competence.

Development tasks specified in the regional plan

The regional plan specifies five common development tasks, or missions. They set the direction for Pirkanmaa’s progress in the coming years.

1.    Pirkanmaa generates value from competence and knowledge

In a region filled with universities, business renewal and international competitiveness are based on harnessing innovation and boosting competence. Collaboration, ecosystems and an international approach are the cornerstones of our joint value creation. We also understand the value of education. Our region looks to the future, and this is something we systematically reinforce.
2.    In Pirkanmaa, business renewal and growth are sustainable

Pirkanmaa promotes a fair twin transition to a low-emission, green digital economy. The region uses its competence in the manufacturing industry to position itself as a frontrunner and solutions provider in the circular economy and adaptation to climate change. Our business has a positive handprint, and sustainability will also generate new jobs and investments in the area.
3.    Preventing marginalisation in Pirkanmaa

The Pirkanmaa region values the wellbeing of people and nature and promotes people’s safety, sense of community and smooth daily life. Both bustling cities and a vibrant rural environment, including lively villages, are important parts of Pirkanmaa. People’s livelihoods, diverse communities, local resources and independent and spontaneous culture lay the foundation for wellbeing. People’s wellbeing is supported by quality services, as well as by organisations and civic activities.
4.    Sustainable living and transport in Pirkanmaa

Functioning and energy-efficient, smart transport connections and services facilitate life across Pirkanmaa, offering good contacts outside the region and ensuring international accessibility. Good contacts link cities and the rural environment, forming a continuum – the “one-hour Pirkanmaa”. The region seeks sustainable growth by providing diverse, healthy environments for homes and enterprises.
5.    Pirkanmaa gains strength from its international approach

We are not afraid to promote our unique identity and special local features. We attract international talent and hold on to them. We engage in high-quality cooperation in international networks, which also helps us develop our own thinking. We believe that cultural diversity reinforces and renews Pirkanmaa. The region also offers authentic, high-quality tourism products and experiences to all visitors.

Learn more about the regional programme on the Council of Tampere Region’s website