Regional programme for a sustainably growing Häme 2022–2025

A sustainably growing Häme represents a new way of acting and thinking.
It builds on six questions:

  1.     Where are we now?
  2.     Where do we want to go?
  3.     What steps do we choose in 2022–2025?
  4.     How do we implement our choices?
  5.     What impacts do our choices have?
  6.     How do we monitor the outcomes of our choices?

The steps forward are guided by the development themes chosen as our priorities:

  •     Research, development and innovations related to sustainable growth
  •     Competence, employment and inclusion related to sustainable growth
  •     Infrastructure for sustainable growth

RDI related to sustainable growth

Our approach to smart specialisation culminates in research, development and innovation (RDI) related to sustainable growth. For us, sustainable growth means linking RDI to value networks and cooperation that spans regions and nations. We systematically strengthen RDI and develop related infrastructure in close cooperation with the region’s strong leading companies.

We speed up the international piloting and commercialisation of results from research and business cooperation carried out in Häme. We create partnerships with experienced parties that engage in active international cooperation.

  •     Natural resources, consumption and material cycles at the core of the circular economy
  •     A pioneering region in a sustainable food system
  •     Smart services and production processes in business renewal
  •     Smart, responsible and sustainable design

Competence, employment and inclusion related to sustainable growth

Four major drivers of change are transforming Finnish work and workplaces. We face a challenging task. How do we succeed together amid changes in the climate, demographics, technology and our ways of thinking and acting?

How do we create the prerequisites for success in Häme by developing competence, improving the rate of employment and promoting inclusion?

  •     Future work and employment are diverse and enabling
  •     Future competence and continuous development of competence
  •     We need international talent to succeed in global competition

Infrastructure for sustainable growth

The availability of people, goods, services, knowledge and renewable local energy is a competitive advantage for Häme, and combined with the harnessing of new competence, it serves as a source of growth. The growth corridor approach is a priority in national regional development and a central element of growth policy.
We aim for a good and smooth daily life typical of the Häme region, as well as the full utilisation of new opportunities and methods.

  •     Aiming to offer everyone a smooth daily life and easy transport options
  •     New forms of living and working

The regional programme for a sustainably growing Häme doubles as the smart specialisation programme for Häme.

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Marko Mälly
Regional Development Manager
Regional Council of Häme
tel. +358 50 575 2193