The ecosystem agreement between the City of Oulu and the state strengthens innovation activities

Ecosystem agreements support the creation of attractive competence clusters and innovation environments and help Finnish operators connect with international networks and value chains. Ecosystem agreements are long-term joint investments made by the state and university cities and cities with university consortia to strengthen competence clusters.

The key priorities in the ecosystem agreement between the City of Oulu and the state:
•    Digitalisation in the transformation of urban environments
•    OuluHealth – digital solutions for health and wellbeing
•    Sustainable circular economy and clean solutions
 Cross-cutting themes:
•    Startup entrepreneurship, competence and continuous learning, business ecosystems
•    Large investments and procurement of the city and other public operators

Sustainable urban development, ESF+

The North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment grants funding to sustainable urban development projects carried out under the European Social Fund Plus (ESF+) in accordance with the normal procedure for ESF projects. The projects must comply with priority area 4 (Competent and inclusive Finland that provides work) of the Innovation and Skills in Finland 2021−2027 programme (opens in a new tab) and its special goal (4.2) of providing new competence in the workplace. The applications must comply with the goals specified in the ecosystem agreement for innovation activities concluded between the City of Oulu and the state.