Applying for funding

Before seeking funding for your idea from structural funds, first determine whether it is better to implement your idea jointly with national partners or solely within your organisation? You should also consider whether the project’s activities affect all of Western Finland or whether the impacts are primarily felt in a single region. Further information is available in the section on priorities for development.

The funding authorities announce calls for funding applications and the related themes, as well as the deadlines for applications under the section on application periods, their websites and possibly in the region’s main periodicals. The call for applications details the priority axes and specific objectives for which applications are sought. The call for applications also indicates the funding authority to which the application must be addressed.

Under the heading About applications, you will find general information about applications, including the kinds of projects that usually receive funding, how to use the EURA2021 system to submit applications to the authorities, and the planned application periods. Additional information about business funding and sustainable urban development is available in the left bar.